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November, 2011

November 1 – 12:
Not too much happened these few days to write about.  We did some shopping as we do every year before Mac has the yearly convention that he attends.  He always seems to need new pants or shirts for that event.  We also went to our favorite casinos and played.  I did manage to put my status in “vacation mode” for one of our favorite casinos so that I won’t be in danger of losing my points and comps if we don’t make it back in a timely manner.  That almost happened this year when we were gone from Vegas for so long.  Thankfully, we didn’t lose any comps but it was close.
Mac attended some classes put on by the NRA right up to the day before we left Vegas.  We both have enjoyed the classes and look forward to taking more.  Several people, especially women, have told me that they don’t like the thought of having guns around the house, children, etc.  One of the classes we took was about gun safety in the home that addresses that quite well.  NRA Courses
Shopping is done, dry cleaning is done, the RV is all packed and we are ready to roll!
Sunday, November 13:
We left Las Vegas this morning and headed west to San Diego.  We had no problem on the drive there today.  We really like having the Garmin to help us while driving.  We don’t know what it was but one of the roads we were driving on was closed ahead of us.  The Garmin automatically rerouted us and we didn’t even get stuck in any traffic.  It’s really great to have.  I’m thinking of using it even when I know exactly where I’m going because of this feature.  If there was a delay or accident ahead on my route it would then reroute me. 
We got to our destination after dark.  Boy it gets dark early doesn’t it!  We’re staying at the  Fiddler’s Cove RV Park.  One of the many benefits of having served in the military is that we can use the RV parks around the country.  This park is dry camping only.  It’s a great place but I do wish there were hookups available. 

Tuesday, November 15:
Today we went to the San Diego Zoo  We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.  It’s a big zoo, and it’s very hilly there.  The weather today was great.  The sun was shining and the temperature was cool enough that we needed a light jacket in the shade. 
They have two kinds of buses (for an extra cost of course) but it was well worth it to ride around the zoo and see the animals.  I think the driver said that you can see about 80% of the zoo from the bus.  One bus takes you on a tour of the park, which stops to see the animals but you stay on the bus all the time.  The other bus is an express bus and it stops to let people off and on at various stops around the park.  We did the bus tour and that was very nice.  We also did the express bus to go over and see the section of the zoo that we wanted to walk through. 
It’s a great zoo and we look forward to visiting it again in the future.  My only complaint was that there weren’t any souvenirs or t-shirts that we liked.  There didn’t seem to be many items and not a wide variety of items.  I was surprised at the lack of items to choose from.  I mean Busch Gardens has such a fantastic gift shop that you can even go there just to shop and not have to pay park entrance fees.  
Late afternoon we left the zoo and drove over to Harrah’s Rincon Casino.  We played for a while and ate the buffet for dinner.  It’s a pretty casino and the buffet was delicious.  We had a busy full wonderful day today.
Wednesday, Nov 16 – Saturday, Nov 19
Mac attended the ASHA Convention each of these days.  In the evenings he’d go out with our group for dinner and I went to dinner twice with part of the group. 
We’d intended to visit San Diego more.  We’d planned on arriving about a week earlier so that we could play tourist more but classes in Vegas took priority and we didn’t leave early enough.  We did enjoy visiting and intend to come again in the future so that we can visit longer. 

Sunday, November 20:
We got an early start this morning heading out.  Somehow, we missed our exit and when the Garmon rerouted us to get us back on the correct road it took us down or I should say up a street that an RV should not attempt.  We bottomed out the RV big time and the air lines that are under the RV got cut.  We found a place to stop, some on-street parking that was long enough for the RV and car.  We got out and looked over the damage to the RV and the worst was the air lines that were cut.  We can’t go anywhere until that is fixed.  Thankfully, we have the best emergency road service  Coach-Net  Mac called them and from the time he placed the call till we were back on the road was about 3 hours.  Not too bad for a Sunday morning!  We were very grateful that we didn’t damage the RV more than that and that we were back on the road so quickly. 
We got back on the highway and continued our journey with no further adventures today.  We drove to Phoenix; to Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino and finally arrived about 8:00 at night.  We got ready and went in for dinner but the buffet had closed at 8:00 so we ate at the sandwich shop.  We then played some video poker and Mac hit a royal flush on the dollar machine!  That was a great win for him, it’s been a really long time since he’d hit a royal on the dollar machine.
Monday we stayed the night again even though the plan was that we’d leave after a few hours of work.  Mac wound up working until about 4:00 and by then we decided we might as well stay another night.  We ate the buffet for lunch and dinner and it was good.  It was very inexpensive also.
Tuesday, November 22:
We left around 7:00 in the morning and drove all day.  We arrived at  The Ranch around 7:30 tonight.  Boy, are we tired.  We don’t like to drive such long distances but we wanted to get back on schedule.  We plan on being here at the ranch till about Sunday then heading to Texas to visit my mom. 
We parked in the overflow dry-camping area instead of our lot so that we wouldn’t disturb anyone with backing in and getting set up.  We’ll do that in the daytime tomorrow. 
Wednesday, November 23:
After working a few hours we drove the RV over to our lot and got all set up.  Put the slide out and instant room again! 
Mac found out what we are to bring tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner and he’s started baking a cake.  Since we haven’t done any laundry since we were in Las Vegas I loaded up all the laundry and drove to Carlsbad to get it done.  What is it with small town laundries?  There always seems to be more broken machines that working ones.  But there were enough machines that I got our laundry done without having to wait for a machine.  I then drove over to Wal-Mart and picked up frosting for the cake that Mac is baking.  Wow, it was sure crowded at Wal-Mart; a lot of people getting their Thanksgiving dinner items I guess.
After putting the laundry away and having dinner Mac and I relaxed watching some TV programs that we had recorded.  I stayed up very late watching Extreme Couponing, getting inspired to start shopping with coupons more and donating food to local food banks. 

November 24 Thanksgiving,
For our Thanksgiving meal today we went up to the clubhouse about 1:45.  Here at The Ranch there were about 10 tables of 8-10 people at each table.  A hostess is in charge of each table and assigns the food dishes the others at that table will bring.  Everyone pays $3 for the shared cooked items including turkey, ham, dressing & gravy.  We had a great meal shared with friends.  We may not be with family but we have our friends.  We’re very thankful for all our blessings including being able to travel around the country seeing interesting sites and meeting new friends.
Later in the evening we drove to Carlsbad and shopped at Walgreens.  We found some cute items for our grandson.  I love finding cute little items that he’d like and then having a pile to give him when we see him.  But now that he’s getting bigger I may start mailing them to him so that he can enjoy them throughout the year instead of all at once.
Friday 25 – Monday 28:
Mac and I got busy sorting through stuff around the RV and our storage shed.  We forgot about our mail being delivered on Friday and on Saturday when Mac went up to pick it up it wasn’t there.  We had planned on leaving Sunday but now we’ll wait till Monday to pick up our mail.  Monday we’re all ready to leave and the mail didn’t arrive till dark!!!!  But we left anyway and hit the road.  We drove till around 2 in the morning and stopped at some truck parking in TX along I-10 to get some sleep. 
Tuesday, November 29:
We drove all day but by golly we are back on schedule.  We arrived at Rainbow’s End in Livingston TX before dark!  We stopped for fuel before arriving.  Around Livingston the diesel cost is around $3.65.

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